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2021 Sales Honing Academy For Bankers Starts February

Join Top Lenders and RMs Nationally Looking To Hone
Their Business Development and Virtual Selling Skills

Hitting Your Sales Goals In 2021 Will Be Tougher

We’ll help you build a “blueprint” for success while navigating the  sales restrictions caused by the pandemic and recession. 

Learn from the best in the business through LIVE Zoom, laser-focused trainings with industry expert Ray Adler.

Registration is Now Open For The 2021 Sales Honing Academy

BTI Is the Leading Authority on Consultative Banking

Institutions implement our consultative banking model for several reasons:

  • Improve relationship profitability
  • Grow C&I portfolio
  • Greater marketplace penetration and differentiation
  • Deliver a more unique customer experience
  • Increase deposit and loan totals and fee income

The Sales Honing® Academy Delivery Platform 
Is Robust and Without Comparison

If you’re like most seasoned, successful bankers in the Sales Honing® Academy, you understand the market has changed due to the pandemic and you recognize the need to adapt and “hone” how you develop business in today’s virtual sales world.

The Sales Honing Academy Details: The average tenure of a lender/RM in the Sales Honing Academy is between 22 and 25 years. We’ve had junior lenders with less than 10 years of experience, and veteran lenders with 37 years of commercial banking experience all find great value from participating.

Program Focus

Influenced by pandemic and recession, our curriculum and focus are to build a business development blueprint and marketing system for developing business in 2021 and beyond. A few of the training topics covered include:

  • Prospecting During a Pandemic
  • Zoom Meeting Best Practices
  • Effective Utilization of LinkedIn
  • Strategies to Nurture Prospects
  • Developing New COIs
  • Warm Introduction Strategies
  • Targeting Quality Prospects
  • Developing Industry Expertise
  • Trade Association Strategies
  • And much more

Program Duration

10-Months (Feb-Nov)

Time Requirement

One 60-minute live Webinar and one 45-minute Group Coaching Call each month

Personalized Attention

Easy access to Ray for one-on-one coaching

Action Oriented

30-Day Action Plans to help each participant execute that month’s training content

Resources Provided

Participants receive tools that include Worksheets, Blueprints, a Business Development Dashboard, Monthly Newsletters, and a Quick Reference Guide

Recorded Sessions

You won’t miss out on anything if you can’t attend a Webinar or Group Coaching Call

“Ray helped our lenders who have been in the field for years to think differently out-of-the-box producing results that drove us to become a high performing bank.”

“By using Ray’s fundamentals, I can almost guarantee you, you’ll get the results.”

“The Sales Honing Academy is the best sales training program I’ve seen in my 40-plus years in banking.”

“Ray’s been a big part of our success at multiple banks. Our results speak for themselves. Without Ray’s help, we wouldn’t have been as successful as we have been.”

THE SALES HONING® ACADEMY will help you focus on weekly business-generating activities that will elevate your production and increase your annual bonus amidst the current pandemic and  recession market conditions.

Sales Process for Banks

Offering The Most Comprehensive Selection of “Consultative Sales” Content and Performance Improving Sales Strategies and Tools In The Market.


Register THREE (3) PARTICIPANTS for the 2021 Sales Honing Academy

And we’ll conduct our online Commercial Banking Team Training Needs Assessment for your bank’s entire commercial banking team.

This represents a $7,500 to $10,000 value!

Register By December 31st - $1,699 / Participant
Register January 1st - $1,999 / Participant 
Start Date: February 24, 2021


“Ray Adler and the Sales Honing Academy has been a game changer for how I grow my loan portfolio and train my staff. Month after month Ray produced new and innovative tools for myself and my team to incorporate into what we were already doing to be successful. The drastic variety of methods and tools has something to make any lender better, no matter your experience level or personality. Teaching us to be Advisors instead of bankers was a 180-degree shift in attitude. We have completely differentiated from our competition. Change can be difficult, however the step-by-step process of the Sales Honing Academy breaks it into bite size pieces, which are easy to practice and incorporate into everyday actions, habits, and mindset.” ─ Scott Haney, Market President, Wood and Huston Bank

“I’m at 200% of my annual goal and it’s only July. Ray’s taught me how to be productive rather than busy.”  Sam Othus, Vice President, Relationship Manager, Banner Bank

“By October I’m at 201% of my target goal and 104% of my stretch goal. Ray’s coaching and the Sales Honing Academy really helped me become strategic in my business development efforts.” ─ Patty Stewlow, Branch Manager / Commercial Banker, Mohave State Bank

“Ray’s training and coaching have helped me hone my business development and sales approach so much that I hit my annual $22M sales goal by May.” ─ Morgan Lanchantin, First Vice President, American Business Bank

About Ray Adler, Founder of the Sales Honing® Academy, CEO, BTI Growth Advisors

Commercial Banking Sales Coach 
and Change Catalyst for the 21st Century.

Ray Adler is nationally recognized as one of the foremost authorities on sales culture evolution, leadership and sales development in financial institutions. He is the CEO and President of BTI Growth Advisors, a firm that has been producing tangible improvements in financial institutions around the country for 19 years.

Ray helps identify and implement the right strategic changes needed to take their institution’s sales efforts to the next level. Ray’s guidance is comprehensive, and includes targeting and creating quality new commercial relationships, deepening existing relationships, strengthening sales leadership, and much more.

 Call Ray Adler at 760-720-9270 to Discuss a Program for Your Bank.

Don’t wait as the Academy Is Only Offered To a Select Number Of Banks.