Ray Adler

Ray Adler
Founder and CEO, BTI Growth Advisor

For two decades, BTI Growth Advisors has been a top management consulting firm in the financial services industry. Ray has a proven track record guiding the performance improvement and organizational change efforts for over 100 institutions, unlocking innovation and human potential while improving sales and profits.


Relying on your decades of in-person sales experience in today’s “virtual sales call world” won’t help your bank convert PPP customers intoprofitable, passionate advocates of your bank.

Our PPP Customer Conversion Webinar will show you how to empower commercial and branch sales to deliver a more customer-centric consultative approach with PPP and existing customers.

What to expect from this webinar:

  • Strategies to move from survival to growth mode
  • How to turn your branch network into a channel for more complex transactions
  • How to preserve margins using a customer-centric consultative approach
  • How solving non-banking needs is a powerful differentiator and business growth strategy
  • Incentive compensation strategies that drive relationship profitability

Customer Conversion


No company will be left unchanged by COVID-19 or the coming recession. Banks that adapt the quickest will end up leading.

Successfully converted PPP customers translate into greater profitability:

• Generate more deposit activity

• Use more products and services

• Grow prospects and access to new markets

Results, not promises 

Ray Adler is the passionate founder and CEO of BTI Growth Advisors, a San Diego based management advisory firm. Over the past two decades, BTI has helped hone the mindset and skill sets of bank sales teams to think and behave more like trusted advisors than traditional lenders. Applying these skills in a Post-COVID market, your institution can provide customers with more value and a distinctive branded experience that wins more business.

A few of the associations BTI Growth Advisors has keynoted or consulted

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